USPS CCA Injury – Insider Compensation Secrets Revealed!

FECA or Federal Employee Compensation Act protects the rights of City Carrier Assistants who work within the postal service should they sustain an injury. FECA, in conjunction with the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs or OWCP safeguards the rights of all injured federal workers, ensuring that they get the medical treatment and compensation they deserve as it relates to their federal worker on-the-job injuries.

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What If I Have No Health Insurance? Injured City Carrier Assistant

A lot of City Carrier Assistants come into the Postal Service with no healthcare insurance. That being said, this usually doesn’t make it difficult for you to get your claims accepted as you get the right to choose your treatment doctor as well as a means of making payment. According to the law, the Postal Service has the right to take you to its doctor for a medical exam. However, you have the right to choose a doctor to receive treatment.

I haven’t Reached The 90/120 Workday Threshold – Can I Still Apply?

Regardless of whether or not you’ve reached the 90/120 workday threshold at your postal worker job, don’t feel daunted by the federal workers’ compensation application process. This is an  inalienable right, and do not feel pressured to not apply for compensation, and do not wait to file as the longer you wait, the more it will look like that your claim isn’t legitimate.

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