USPS Limited Vs. Light Duty – What The Law Says

Injured postal workers may wonder if they are eligible for limited or light duty if they discover that they cannot produce the same quality of work that they previously were able to on account of their injury. This is dependent on the Rehabilitation Act, which was instituted to not only provide reasonable workplace accommodation, but to also stop employers from discriminating against injured postal workers on account of their injuries and subsequent disability.

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USPS Workers and FECA

FECA, or the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act was set up to make sure that injured postal worker claims are settled fairly and in as little time as possible. If you sustained an occupational illness or injury as a postal worker, you may qualify for compensation under FECA and not the Rehabilitation Act. That is because these two laws look at different things when it comes to determining whether you have a disability or are able to work at your prior or alternative position.

Injured Postal Workers, Limited Duty and the Rehabilitation Act

It is important to note that your mental or physical impairment, while present, will have to limit any major life activity in a substantial way in order to be considered for concessions under the Rehabilitation Act. For the most part, postal worker injuries do not limit said major life activity.

If your supervisor or superior determines that your injuries do meet the standards set forth by the Rehabilitation Act, you’ll be asked to provide medical evidence in the form of a report to confirm the same so they can consider you for limited or light duty.

You may also be asked to try to perform essential functions related to your position in order to be deemed eligible for limited duty or light duty.

Light Duty Eligibility for USPS Workers

When it comes to being eligible for light duty, you’re only allowed to apply for this if you have an impairment from a medical condition that did not happen in the line of duty. In addition, you can only be considered for light duty as a postal worker if the assignment is a temporary work assignment.

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