Vehicle Roof Crush In An Rollover Accident

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Let’s face it: as Americans, we love our SUV’s. These monster machines come with all the modern conveniences and then some, and they are a joy to drive. The power that comes from maneuvering one of these bad boys on our Indiana roads can be exhilarating, making you never want to drive anything else. That being said, these are death traps waiting to happen due to reasons we’ll take a look at shortly.

SUV’s are manufactured with a wide body and high center of gravity. This is done to ensure that there is enough space between the wheel and chassis. However, this poses a problem because of the unstable nature of these cars. According to the laws of physics, the higher the center of gravity an object, the more likely it is to topple over.

Vehicle roof crushes are most commonly attributed to SUV’s. While these vehicles are well-made, manufacturers have in the past scrimped on roofing material, making them very flimsy and more likely to be crushed in the event of a rollover.

SUV’s can roll over in a number of ways:


  • Taking tight corners may lead to SUV’s losing control and flipping over since their center of gravity is high to begin with.
  • Uneven road surfaces aren’t ideal for SUV’s since one wheel not making contact with the road is more likely to lead to a rollover.
  • SUV wheels making contact with the side of a curb or a soft surface such as sand will make them tip over easily.


Injuries suffered by people involved in Indiana roof crush accidents usually affect the lower cervical spine, and they are more often than not due to a burst vertebra.


The most common injuries in rollover SUV accidents in Northwest Indiana include:


  • Head injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Spine injuries
  • Broken necks


If you’ve been involved in an Indiana roof crush accident, you have every right to seek compensation. This is because a manufacturing defect or negligence with regard to following FMCSA standards as they relate to roof manufacturing caused your accident. It’s thus safe to say that your SUV maker can be held liable for your injuries. To that end, you can sue for things like lost wages, medical bills, psychological and emotional pain, as well as punitive damages.


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