Victory in Landmark Monsanto Roundup Lawsuit in 2018

A jury has found in favor for the plaintiff after it deliberated in a case where attorneys for a Mr. Dewayne Johnson argued that the herbicide Roundup, manufactured by Monsanto, was the proximate cause of his cancer, non Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This groundbreaking lawsuit will set the tone for other such cases in the future against the giant agribusiness chemicals company after being accused for years for manufacturing products with glyphosate , a suspected carcinogen.

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Glyphosate Suspicions Finally Confirmed

A cursory search on this issue on Google comes up with search terms such as – has anyone won a lawsuit against roundup? This hasn’t come to fruition up until the Dewayne Johnson case which has set a legal precedent for the floodgate of cases to be opened so more people can come forward and file claims. For many years, rumors of glyphosate raged on internet message boards and forums regarding the toxicity of roundup, a well-known herbicide used in millions of lawns across the country to keep noxious weeds off one’s property.

Plaintiff Developed Aggressive Cancer After Years of Spraying Roundup

In the Monsanto v. Dewayne Johnson case, it was alleged that the plaintiff had contracted non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma after spraying the grounds of the San Francisco school where he worked as a pest control manager for a number of years. He gradually developed a rash that would not go away, which prompted a doctor’s visit. It was during this visit that he learned that he had developed this aggressive form of cancer.

Monsanto Defends Glyphosate Use, Plaintiff Prevails

Monsanto was accused by counsel for the plaintiff for acting with willful and reckless disregard for human life and was fined $33 million in compensatory damages and a further $250 million in punitive damages. Monsanto president, Mr. Scott Partridge, defended the corporation, stating that there had been 800 studies and reviews showing the fact that glyphosate was not a carcinogen. Monsanto, as an entity, plans to appeal the decision.

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