Wage Loss Calculations and Laws for Injured Federal Workers

As an injured federal worker, you’re eligible for compensation under FECA, a federal compensation program overseen by OWCP to ensure you get the treatment and compensation you rightfully deserve after being injured on the job. You may sustain wage loss due to not being at work for an extended amount of time which may cause anxiety if you’re a first-time applicant. In this post, we’ll take a look at what wage loss benefits you’re entitled to as well as what makes you eligible for them.

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Wage Loss for Injured Federal Workers – Legal Implications

When it comes to wage loss as a federal worker, you are eligible for compensation under 5 U.S.C 8103 which will cover wage loss sustained due to attending medical appointments. That being said, you’ll only receive compensation if the treatment, examination or testing you received occurred during a scheduled work day or scheduled tour of duty.

Evidence Needed and Limits Apply – Injured Federal Worker

In addition, there must be evidence establishing that you indeed were treated or seen by a doctor on that day, meaning payment slips, doctor reports and accompanying medical receipts will be needed. The law also states that you’re only allowed a maximum of four hours of compensation with only a few exceptions where a medical procedure is expected to take longer than expected, or if you need to travel long distances to receive medical care.

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