Warning – Read This Before Joining a Class Action Lawsuit

Class Action Lawsuits can be seen advertised or announced on TV and in the radio on an almost daily basis. Many drug makers as well as product manufacturers are held to a duty of care that they must meet so you are kept safe while using their products. As a result, certain safety and quality standards must be met failure to which legal action will be taken. Class Action Lawsuits seek to compensate injured individuals for the negligence of these companies as well as act as a deterrent to companies that may think of cutting corners to plump up their bottom line.

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What Really is a Class Action Lawsuit?

Simply put, a class action lawsuit is a legal claim filed by a group of people or plaintiffs who have suffered similar or related injuries due to the negligent actions of a defendant, which in most cases is a corporation. Class action lawsuits are an efficient way of assessing and offering a verdict on hundreds or thousands of similar cases with one nexus. It not only saves time, but it also provides plaintiff with easier access to the law. That being said, verdicts given out are final, and plaintiffs are barred from pursuing further legal action in the future. In addition, the settlements may not be as substantial simply due to the fact that you’ll have to divide the principal settlement among many individuals.

Here are some class action lawsuit secrets you may not know about:

  • It costs nothing to join a class action lawsuit as it would be impracticable to have hundreds or thousands of people join together in raising money for legal fees. However, legal fees are taken out of the settlement once it is recovered by the principal attorney at the end of the lawsuit.
  • A class action lawsuit can include as little as a dozen individuals, or up to 50,000 if many were harmed.
  • All class action lawsuits go through four stages: Complaint, Certification, Notice and Judgment.
  • Class action lawsuits typically don’t go to trial, but are settled before they see the insides of a courtroom save for the issuing of the complaint and its certification by a presiding judge.
  • Compensation is usually divvied out equally to all plaintiffs

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