Warning Signs You Should Apply for Federal Disability Retirement

As a federal worker, you’ve probably enjoyed serving the government and its people, and you’ve had a long-standing and stable career. Life, however, has a funny way of throwing you curveballs when you least expect it. Federal disability retirement exists for a reason, and there’s no need to tough it out when you’re hurting either physically or emotionally.

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Here are some of the signs you should consider initiating a federal disability exit plan:

  1. You’re Facing Regular and Increasing Reprimands

If your supervisor is calling you for disciplinary meetings every so often, or are being criticized for your work, it may be time to start crafting an exit plan. This is because you will end up getting let go of in a matter of months anyway due to the fact that your injury or condition, coupled with the stress of work, will make your performance plummet. Consider filling in the necessary forms and save face in front of your agency and co-workers.

  1. You’re Missing Numerous Work Days

Depending on the scope and seriousness of your injuries, you may not be able to go to work on some days due to pain or exhaustion. As a result, you may start dreading work and start inventing excuses that have nothing to do with your illness just so your supervisor doesn’t replace or demote you. It’s not fair or right to suffer serious consequences just because you can’t get to work due to something that’s out of your control: simply fill in the federal disability retirement forms to jump-start the process.

  1. You’ve Exhausted Your FMLA Rights

The Family and Medical Leave Act makes you eligible for 12 unpaid workweeks during a 12 month period so you can attend to personal concerns. If you’re seriously injured, you may find yourself burning through these weeks, requiring even more time to recuperate. In such cases, it’s in your best interests to just apply for federal disability retirement benefits.

If you’re like thousands of federal workers who feel like they are stuck, not knowing where to start with regard to applying for federal disability retirement, you want to make sure you get it right the first time round. Don’t take any chances with your future: call us on 1-877-561-3004 and we’ll make available our expertise and experience to you so you can get your benefits and make a clean break from it all. Thanks for choosing us.