Weather, Distracted Driving Contribute to Deadly Year for Chicago Pedestrians, Bicyclists

The year 2012 was a bad one for Chicago pedestrians and cyclists, according to the Chicago Police Department. Forty-eight pedestrians were killed by motor vehicles on Chicago streets over the course of the year– a jump over the previous three years.  Thirty-five were killed in 2011 in accidents, 30 in 2010,  and 31 in 2009. Cyclists, too, fared badly in 2012, with eight deaths in Chicago.

Safety officials suggested that recent changes in weather and driving habits might be to blame.  2012’s winter was warmer than many in recent years, and with warmer weather, more people venture out on the streets, whether on foot, on bikes, or in cars.  The increase in traffic itself can lead to more accidents. In addition, experts noted that the boom in smartphones has also lead to a marked increase in “distracted driving”– talking, texting, even web browsing while driving, a behavior linked to dangerous decreases in driving performance and response time.

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