What Causes Rapid Weight Loss in Nursing Home Residents?

We trust and count on nursing homes to provide our loved one with a certain level of care. Many of these facilities feature glowing reviews online, but the reality is a completely different story. Reports of staff abuse, neglect, falls and wandering flood our news outlets every other month, and many nursing home aides are found guilty of perpetrating heinous crimes against the elderly with horrifying frequency. Sudden weight loss in the elderly should be a cause for concern, and it is important that you do not chalk this up to just the aging process and investigate the real cause. However, above all this, it is important to seek the services of a nursing home neglect law firm in order to safeguard you or your loved one’s rights to justice and compensation.

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Nutritional Needs for the Elderly

The elderly, due to advanced age and chronic illness may have a hard time eating and must be helped to do so by having someone schedule their meals on a regular basis. Their food should also not be too hot or too cold, as some may have mouth ulcers to contend with. They should also be provided with sufficient amounts of fluid to make food palatable, and their meals should match their nutritional needs given their individual conditions or deficiencies.

Weight Loss in Nursing Home Residents – What’s the Cause?

Weight loss in nursing home residents can put these individuals at risk of hip fractures, sudden death and cognitive issues. In addition, it may make them more susceptible to infections, development of pressure ulcers or bedsores, as well as muscle wasting. If you visit your loved one and notice rapid weight loss in-between visits, don’t jump to assume that this is normal or it is due to their illness; more often than not, abuse or neglect is the culprit.

Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse Attorneys – Call Us Today!

Nursing homes are for-profit entities. Unfortunately, due to this, they put money over the lives of residents, and consequently cut corners and “become more efficient” by means of understaffing and doing the bare minimum in order to save money and make more money. It is important to hold these institutions responsible for their inhumane actions by filing a nursing home neglect lawsuit on behalf of your loved one. Please contact our nursing home lawyers NOW at (773) 825-3547 to learn more about how we can help you get justice and compensation for your loved one. We look forward to helping you.