What Do I Do If I Have Allergan Implants? Read This First

Breast implants can help boost a woman’s self-esteem as well as give others what cancer stole from them. Implants are no longer something people do under the table as society has become more accepting of plastic surgery over the last couple of decades. Breast implants have come a long way since the 1980’s, and with different types to choose from, manufacturers have almost perfected breast implants that will not move or migrate from their original position, giving the woman that has them the appearance of young and perky breasts. Allergan breast implants are one such type of implants that have come to be trusted over the years because they feature microscopic grooves which as meant to adhere to tissue so that the breast implant does not move or migrate, negating the need for corrective surgeries in the future. That said, these breast implants have recently come under fire when the FDA revealed alarming information about the fact that they could be causing some forms of aggressive cancers due to the inflammation they initiate around breast tissue on account of the grooves present. Women who were implanted with Allergan breast implants are now coming forward with diagnoses and complaints about cancers that they were told could have developed as a direct consequence of having their implants. If you developed cancer after getting Allergan implants, you may be eligible for compensation via an Allergan breast implant class action lawsuit.

Are you looking for a best Allergan breast cancer class action lawsuit attorney? Please call us NOW at (773) 825-3651 to learn more about your legal options for justice and compensation. The FDA has put out a warning due to the fact that the grooved surface of Allergan breast implants may have the potential to trigger aggressive B-cell lymphoma, a particularly deadly form of cancer. It is alleged that the makers of these Allergan textured breast implants may have known about their potential to trigger lymphoma around the breast scar tissue that forms around the implant from as far back as 2011, but they failed to inform the public in the interest of making massive profits at the expense of the women getting said implants. McCready Law textured breast implant cancer attorneys have over 90 YEARS of combined legal experience helping individuals just like you get the compensation they are duly owed due to the negligent and careless actions of large corporations and pharmaceutical companies. We handle all types of class action lawsuits and we have the prerequisite litigation experience to help you get a great result in a court of law. On top of being bilingual, our attorneys personally handle all Allergan breast cancer lawsuit claims and don’t just hand over files to paralegals, a common practice in many class action lawsuit law firms. Regardless of where you are, please give us a call NOW at (773) 825-3651 to learn more about how to get started with your Allergan textured breast implant cancer lawsuit – the call is ABSOLUTELY FREE, and there’s no legal obligation.

In 2019, the FDA issued an Allergan breast implant recall after it received information on the implants could cause breast implant-linked anaplastic large cell lymphoma, also known as BIA-ALCL. The agency stated that it had decided to put out this voluntary recall notice due to worldwide data which showed that certain breast implants were causing cancers at worrying rates. Upon digging through the data, the agency noted that all the lymphoma diagnoses came from women who had received Allergan breast implants. Towards the end of 2019, the FDA changed its recall notice to a CLASS 1 RECALL due to the link to death and serious injury associated with the Allergan textured breast implant.

Here are some of the warning signs associated with Breast Implant Illness:

  • Brain fog
  • Sleep issues
  • Chronic pain around one’s chest and armpits
  • Chills and fever
  • Ongoing headaches
  • Hair loss
  • Irregular or spotty periods

Breast Implant Associated-Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma

Breast Implant Associated-Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma or BIA-ALCL is a type of lymphoma that is seen in women that receive a certain type of breast implant which has textured surfaces made that way to prevent implant migration. It is not uncommon for this cancer to develop a year or two after implant surgery, so it is vital that should you be experiencing the symptoms we listed above, please see your healthcare provider for further evaluation. This cancer affects your T-cells, making it a cancer of the immune system. Left untreated, it can spread fast to your lymph nodes, and once it gets there, it may be difficult to treat due to the fact that it may metastasize just as fast.

BIA-ALCL may cause the following symptoms:

  1. Breast hardening
  2. Fluid buildup around the implant
  3. Skin rashes
  4. Lumps in the armpit or breasts
  5. Breast swelling

Breast Cancer From Textured Implants – Treatment Options

In order to treat BIA-ALCL from Allergan breast implants, it is important that the implant be removed as well as any scar tissue because the cancer forms around the tissue itself. In addition, some patients may have to do radiation and chemotherapy to ensure that all the cancer is excised out of the body.

Allergan Breast Implants Cancer Lawyers – Call Us NOW!

If you received a BIOCELL Allergan textured breast implant and are now experiencing strange sensations, pain, breast tenderness, rashes, headaches and lumps, it is vital that you see your primary care physician in order to rule out anything serious. Your physician may also need to refer you to a plastic or reconstructive surgeon for implant removal. If it is determined that you did indeed have signs of T-cell lymphoma or non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma due to your textured breast implants, you may have a valid case that will see you recover money damage in the form of cost of medical procedures, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, mental anguish, loss of society, or if your loved one died due to cancer after receiving Allergan textured breast implants, funeral costs and wrongful death compensation. Please call us NOW at (773) 825-3651 if you developed cancer after receiving Allergan textured breast implants. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you