What Does Pain and Suffering Include?

Immediately after suffering a car accident, you will experience physical pain due to your injuries. A few weeks later, you may start to develop symptoms of PTSD, a psychological manifestation of the emotional trauma you may have endured after your accident. Our justice system prides itself in being fair and it is for this reason that it takes into account what we call pain and suffering claims in order to make you whole and return you to the state you were in before your accident.

How Pain and Suffering Is Quantified

Pain and suffering is quantifiable in a number of ways, and insurance adjusters take into account the medical evidence you will accrue in your journey back to wellness. For example, they will look at the types of injuries you sustained and then compare them with the amount of time it took others to heal from the same. They will also have a look at notes from your psychological evaluation, the medication you were prescribed to deal with PTSD, anxiety and depression and how long it will take for you to reach maximum medical improvement. On top of that, they’ll look at your sex, age and where you are in life and hold it up against other individuals with whom you share similar traits to determine how long you’ll suffer the after-effects of your accident. Armed with this information, they will consult with a sliding scale to determine just how much you are eligible for with regard to pain and suffering.

Why You Need a Good Injury Attorney

Rewards for pain and suffering in personal injury cases are highly subjective. Because of this, you want a good  injury lawyer on your side who has gone up against insurance companies in the past so that they are able to negotiate the best settlement that is in line with your physical and emotional pain.

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