What Household Products Contain Asbestos?

Asbestos is a problematic compound that was extensively used in the past before it was discovered that it could cause a serious cancer called mesothelioma. In addition, asbestos was found in baby powder and was used by women for decades before it was revealed that applying it to a child’s private areas could cause cellular changes that could prompt the development of ovarian cancer decades later. However, what a lot of people don’t know is the fact that asbestos is found in even more products and locations in your house, posing a clear and present danger to consumers that once thought they were safe.

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Here are some of the most common things that contain asbestos:

  1. Everyday household products such as oven mitts, irons, ironing boards, blankets, clothing, toasters, coffee pots and hair dryers all may contain asbestos as it conducts heat and is fire resistant
  2. You may have asbestos in your ceiling tiles, ceramic tiles, floor tiles, roofing shingles, pipe covering, electrical wiring, concrete, dry wall, asphalt and wall paper
  3. Your furnaces, especially door gaskets, wood-burning furnaces and cement used in these furnaces may contain asbestos, which can flake off, leading the fibers to be released into your enclosed home space, making it more likely that they will be inhaled and cause health effects
  4. Essential items such as toasters and fridges, especially if you have vintage items, may contain asbestos as it was used as a fire prevention aid. Despite the fact that only trace amounts of asbestos was used in these appliances in the past, you may want to switch from vintage appliances as well as dispose of them in a safe manner just to lower or eliminate your exposure risk.
  5. Vinyl flooring was commonly installed in the past on account of how durable it is. However, many makers would often add asbestos as a means of fortifying the vinyl floor. You may also find asbestos in vinyl flooring adhesives as well as the backing. In case you made any alterations to your vinyl floors, or they’ve started showing signs of wear and tear and some damage, it’s possible that asbestos fibers have been released into the air, jeopardizing your health.

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