What Is The Value Of A Facial Scar In An Injury Case?

Car accidents can cause severe injuries which may sometimes involve facial scarring. Our face is the first thing a person sees when they first encounter us, and unfortunately, many make their judgments based off of what we look like. If your face was scarred in an accident, you need an accident attorney to give you the truth about what your case is going to get you so you can get the various reconstructive surgeries you may need going forward.

How Much Is My Facial Scar Injury Lawsuit Worth?

The main motive of personal injury is to get an injured individual compensated for their injuries if someone else, through their negligent actions, caused them harm. As a layman, you may struggle with determining what a fair amount for your injuries is, and what’s considered reasonable compensation keeping in mind other similar cases that may have occurred in our region and other cities.

The truth is that damages for facial scars in cases involving, for example, dog bites, slip and fall accidents and truck accidents can vary widely. This can be due to the differing opinions of insurance adjusters, your age, and how visible the scar is.

Here are other factors that will inform the value of your scar after an accident:

  • The permanence of the scar
  • Your marital status
  • How it will affect you emotionally and psychologically
  • The number of surgeries you will need
  • Whether or not it will affect your ability to make a living
  • The color and size of the scar.

It is important to seek out a medical opinion before approaching an insurance company regarding your scars after an accident. Preferably, you should speak with a plastic surgeon who will then give you the cost of the scar removal procedure.

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Each case is different, and it is important to work with an injury lawyer that has the needed experience when it comes to going up against insurance companies. Remember, insurance companies know exactly what to say to corner you into a low amount, so it’s in your best interests to let us handle negotiations on your behalf. Please give us a call and speak with our attorney today on 877-561-3004 for more information. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.