What To Look for In a Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Spinal cord injuries can be debilitating and life-changing. At the same time, injuries don’t just magically happen; someone else’s negligence or carelessness is more often the cause of such injuries. The law makes it possible for spinal cord injury victims to seek legal reprieve by filing a civil suit under personal injury law in order to get compensated for their injuries, most of which may end up being permanent. That said, there are certain considerations you must pay attention to when choosing a spinal cord injury attorney since this will help get you maximum compensation in as little time as possible. We’ll take a look at some of the qualities that you should look out for when seeking out a knowledgeable spinal cord injury attorney in this post.

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Here are some of the qualities that make a good spinal cord injury attorney:

  1. Experience

Just because your attorney graduated top of his class at Harvard last year doesn’t make them the right or best attorney for your spinal cord injury lawsuit. Experience is something you hone over the years, and with experience comes the ability to feel out a case and take the fastest route to compensation, skills that are not seen in freshly-minted attorneys. Your attorney must have handled auto accident lawsuits, slip and fall and medical malpractice cases for a long time in order to have a firm grasp of spinal cord injury claims.

  1. Medical Experience

Personal injury lawyers frequently consult with physicians and medical experts during the course of a typical case. Over time, this makes them conversant with medical terminology as well as procedures, which simplifies the whole process and puts them in a place of being able to ask for more from the defendant’s insurance company or judge, knowing how the injury will affect your body, and for how long, and what you’ll need in order to reach maximum medical improvement or MMI.

  1. Commitment and Honesty

Many personal injury attorneys are swamped with work, and may not put in their all to certain cases simply because they find them to be a chore. You have to make sure that your attorney is passionate about spinal cord injuries by asking them about their medical malpractice experience, whether they are active members of their bar association, whether they’ve been published in legal journals, the types of industry memberships they hold, and if their website covers spinal cord injury extensively. You also want your spinal cord injury lawyer to be honest with you even at the risk of you not liking what you are hearing from them. Honesty more often that not wins cases as you’ll be able to make amends to your demeanor and demands before negotiating with the insurance company.

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