What You MUST Know As an Injured Window Washer – More Inside

Window washers are a brave lot and a needed group of individuals due to the rising number of high rise apartments and skyscrapers that are popping up in major cities every other year. Window washing is not for the faint of heart, and this is a largely thankless job because most people just assume that a building façade is kept clean without caring to ask about how this happens, or who is responsible. Window washers are strapped to harnesses and hooks and have to traverse a building in order to reach a certain height where scaffolding that is movable is or isn’t provided so they can start cleaning windows. These individuals are exposed to an inordinate amount of risk and as such, employers must do everything in their power to keep their window washers safe from injury, and this includes following government safety agency OSHA regulations. If you are a window washer that got injured while going about your workday, you may be eligible for money damages, and we’d be honored to help you recover this.

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Here are some of the hazards and risks associated with window washing work:

  1. Working in extreme due to glass panes reflecting sunlight
  2. Working in inclement or unpredictable weather in cities such as Chicago.
  3. Overexertion due to having to wash multiple windows over a short period of time
  4. Close calls with regard to falls, leading to the development of PTSD over time
  5. Caustic chemical exposure such as hydrofluoric acid in cleaning agents
  6. Repetitive motion injury due to performing the same cleaning motion for hours
  7. Strong winds that can be dangerous

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If you’re an injured window washer, liability may fall on multiple individuals or organizations depending on the role they had to play in your injuries. for instance, you may sue the company that provides the ropes and harnesses if it is found that they were not properly inspected prior to being sold or leased to the building, or the building owner themselves due to not providing workers with information about weather and other hazards before time, as well as failing to replace a problematic ledge or window even after repeated complaints by workers. Need to know what your case is worth as an injured window washer? Please call us NOW at (773) 825-3605 to learn more. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.