What You Need to Know About Settlement Demands

Once you’ve completed treatment on account of your Illinois car accident and you’ve been deemed to be at maximum medical improvement by your doctors, a Chicago injury law firm such as ours will write a settlement demand letter which we will send to the at-fault party’s insurance provider.

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A legal settlement demand will typically include the following:

  • A detailed missive explaining the circumstances that led up to the accident, the individuals involved, as well as a thorough description of all injuries sustained together with any permanent or long-standing injuries which may need extra legal compensation.
  • An explanation why the other party is responsible for your damages
  • A list of all special damages sustained on your person which will include things like lost wages, medical bills and any miscellaneous expenses you incurred as a direct consequence of your injuries
  • An amount itemizing the general damages which will include pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of companionship and so on.
  • A grand total of what we are demanding from the defendant so we can settle your Chicago injury case.

What Does a Settlement Demand Include?

A settlement demand will include all documentation that speaks to the claims we put forth. This will include copies of medical records, payment receipts, wage slips as well as police reports, just to mention a few.  Once the at-fault’s insurance provider receives this package, they will review and issue a response within 30 days either via letter or telephone after which negotiations will kick off in earnest.

Insurance Negotiations and Your Illinois Injury Claim

A settlement demand is always going to be up for contention because insurance companies will work with what’s called an insurance claims adjuster whose work is to try to convince us, your Illinois injury lawyers that your claim isn’t worth what we asking in terms of compensation. These individuals will offer up results of their investigation and their rationale behind their views, and they will provide us with a “one-time” offer. This is usually done to gauge how anxious you are to settle, and it’s just ammunition in their little bag of tricks that they will try to throw at us. We as your Chicago injury lawyers will remain resolute in our goal to get you the highest possible compensation for your Illinois injury claim, so we will not back down or fold so easily until we do so.

Settle or Go To Trial?

In the event that your case doesn’t settle on account of our counter offers not being accepted, we may take it to court, but this is unlikely; this is because over 95 percent of all personal injury cases do not go to court, and settle instead. This may take quite a bit of time, but we will keep you updated every step of the way. At the end of the day, getting you what you deserve for your injuries, some of which will persist for years, justifying our high settlement amounts, is our primary priority.

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