Who’s Legally Responsible for My Hunting Injuries? More Inside

Hunting is big business and a loved sport in our country, as evidenced by statistics which state that over 100 million individuals over the age of 16 go hunting each year. Hunting is a great way to pass time as well as practice your aim by yourself or loved ones, and it is cheap fun for the most part, with only a few hunting implements needed as well as a license. In addition, if you get lucky, you might bring home game that can help supplement the household budget with free meat that can last a number of months. That said, hunting accidents are on the rise for reasons we’ll take a look at shortly. However, the big question that remains on people’s minds shortly after a person’s hunting accident is “who’s responsible for my hunting accident”?

Were you injured while hunting? If you were in a group or alone, it is important to appreciate and understand that accidents are almost always due to some kind of negligence, and that negligence has a human component attached to it. If you were hurt during hunting, please contact McCready Law NOW at (773) 823-0298 to learn more about your legal options for consultation. We have helped thousands of injured victims over the last 90 YEARS, and we take on all cases on a contingency fee basis, which basically means that we will use our own resources to try the case to completion, and only charge you when we recover compensation on your behalf. The call is FREE, and there’s no legal obligation. Please call (773) 823-0298 NOW to speak with a hunting injuries lawyer to learn more.

Here are some of the most common injuries associated with hunting:

  • Bow and arrow wound
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Eye injury
  • Spinal injury
  • Neck or back trauma
  • Broken bones or trauma

For the most part, hunting injuries are caused by a negligent hunter who should have been more careful of watchful while hunting. These individuals should be held accountable for their actions because if they are not, they are more likely to become repeat offenders and harm others.

Here are some of the negligent actions associated with hunting injuries:

  1. Mistaking people for animals and shooting at them, and injuring them
  2. Lack of knowledge on how to safely handle a weapon
  3. Irresponsible or reckless handling of a firearm
  4. Hunter failed to ensure that the hunting area was free of any bystanders
  5. Lack of proper training on how to hold and use a firearm
  6. Failing to maintain and service hunting equipment regularly
  7. Encroaching onto campsites to hunt game
  8. Failure to engage the safety mechanism on the firearm
  9. Shooting without a clear target in a random manner

How to Win Hunting Injury Lawsuits – Call Us Today!

When it comes to proving negligence for hunting injuries, you must show that the hunter in question acted in a negligent manner, and that this negligence led to your injuries. By working with your hunting injuries attorney, you can show that the rifle was not adequately maintained, the hunter had a history of reckless hunting and shooting, they did not have a permit, or they were inexperienced minors, or someone impaired by drugs alcohol during the incident. By filing a hunting injuries lawsuit, you can recover compensation for things like past and future medical care, legal fees, loss of wage earning capacity, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, loss of enjoyment of life, cost of therapy and so much more. Ready to speak with experienced hunting injuries lawyers? Give us a call NOW at (773) 823-0298. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.