Why a Clear Diagnosis for Federal Workers’ Compensation is Necessary

Getting injured as a federal worker can put you out of commission which leads to lost wages, demoralization and even the possibility of losing your job. The office of Workers’ Compensation Program, also known as OWCP requires that you see a doctor as soon as possible so you can get a proper diagnosis in order to be considered for compensation.

Concrete Evidence

Federal Workers’ Compensation relies on concrete evidence in order to issue a payout. For example, if you slipped and fell at your place of work because someone left some water on the floor unmopped, you’ll have to go to the ER for treatment. It’s very common for doctors to stitch and bandage you up before sending you on your way.

Get Your Diagnosis at Your First Doctor’s Visit

Most injuries usually have an iceberg of complications that become apparent down the road. This is something the injured aren’t aware of and brush under the rug for the purposes of returning to work as soon as possible. It’s not uncommon for federal workers to resume normal work duties and forget about the injury for the time being while complications fester, prompting them to go back to the doctor for further treatment. This may go against your case should you choose to file one because questions will arise regarding why you never got a diagnosis from the get-go, and why you had a change of heart and decided to seek one out after the passage of time.

Why Documentation is Necessary

A doctor’s diagnosis is vital because it documents everything that’s wrong with you. If you were injured and never got one, go back and ask the doctor for one, however minor your injuries may seem. In addition, ask the doctor to elaborate on everything so that you’re in the know with regard to diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. A clear paper trail will play in your favor since it will add weight to your claim that is concrete and undeniable.

A recent decision on a case heard by the Employees’ Compensation Appeals Board and the Department of Veterans Affairs led to the denial of a claim because the injured plaintiff did not have a clear diagnosis from their doctors. They presented a series of possible injuries such as them hitting their head and so on, but they never came up with a clear, written diagnosis to validate their compensation request for federal workers’ compensation.

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