Why Burden of Proof Will Sway Your Personal Injury Case – More Inside

When it comes to personal injury law, evidence is key, especially something called “burden of proof”. These cases often involve large amounts of money, and because you are asking for a certain amount of assets from the defendant, the court will need you to prove that the defendant’s actions were the proximate cause of your injuries. unlike criminal law where one must prove “beyond reasonable doubt”, personal injury lawsuits are heard in civil court, where should you get to 51% with regard to convincing evidence, you may win your case and the damages that you seek will be rewarded. This is perhaps one of the reasons why you need an experienced personal injury law firm with a clear track record of success and a history of diligence and being thorough when it comes to collecting sufficient evidence as well as presenting a convincing case.

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The Standards for Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law relies on certain principles, with the first being duty of care. If you’re going to sue someone due to the injuries they caused on your person, you must show that they had a duty to keep you safe. Second, you must show that their negligence breached said duty of care. After that, you must show how their breach of said duty caused your injuries. Lastly, you must prove that your injuries are quantifiable and compensable under civil law. This does sound like a tough act to follow, but these are the standards laid down in order to dissuade individuals from filing frivolous lawsuits and clogging up the courts.

Preponderance of the Evidence in Personal Injury Cases

The concept of the preponderance of the evidence plays a central role in personal injury lawsuit. This means that you must show, through exhaustive evidence and strong arguments, that it is more likely than not that your account happened. Thankfully, you just need to sway the judge and jury by a figure of 51 percent.

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