Why Communication With Your Injury Attorney Helps Your Case

Communication, as they say, is the foundation of all good relationships. This is because nothing is left unsaid if lines of communication are open, and things get done in the manner in which they are meant to be done, as well as completed in an efficient way for all parties. To this end, constant contact and communication is a foundation of personal injury claims given the complex nature of these cases. In this post, we’ll take a look at when and how to communicate with your attorney for the speedy resolution of your case so you can receive maximum compensation.

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Work Closely With Your Injury Attorney

It is very important to work closely together with your personal injury attorney. They may have the expertise and experience to win your case, but this won’t help matters if you are not providing timely and effective communication on your end to help move the case along. For instance, your attorney may need your medical records in order to effectively negotiate with the insurance company. If they cannot have access to these records, negotiations will be at a standstill, and this will cast aspersions on their abilities in the eyes of the insurance company as well as whether or not you were truly injured or are trying to file a frivolous claim.

Working With a Case Manager for Your Injury Claim

Injury attorneys are extremely busy handling a number of cases. To this end, you may call the office and not be able to get in touch with the attorney handling your case. That said, you will be able to speak with a case manager who will then relay the information to the attorney once they are done with their meeting, court hearing and so on. So, don’t be discouraged if you can’t reach your attorney over the phone – a case manager works just as well, and will make sure that they are effective proxies between you and your personal injury lawyer.

When it comes to communication, please ensure that the law firm has your address in case you move, and more importantly, your telephone number so they can reach you in a timely manner in case they need any information from you urgently.

Discovery Process a Crucial Time for Your Injury Claim

Once you meet your attorney for the first time, your case will enter the discovery process. This is when information is collected in preparation for filing a claim, and for this reason, you will be asked to provide said information on a regular basis until the injury attorney is happy that they have abundant evidence to approach the insurance company or litigate. To this end, you want to make sure that you are always reachable so you can provide information and documentation for the discovery process.

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