Why Is My Uber Settlement Taking So Long? More Inside

After suffering an injury caused by an Uber driver, you may wonder how long it would take to settle your claim. As bills keep piling up, and your patience gets thinner and thinner with each passing day, you may have questions and doubts about the whole Uber settlement process. The anxiety you feel may rise to a terrifying crescendo when you realize that the insurance company is taking its sweet time at your expense, and this may tempt you to take any offer they present you with just so you can get back to living again. In this post, we’ll take a look at the typical time it takes to settle an Uber accident claim, and why it’s so important to have a bit more patience as well as work with an experienced rideshare Uber accident law firm.

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Uber Settlements and Maximum Medical Improvement

To begin with, we usually advise our clients to have their injuries reach a stage known as Maximum Medical Improvement, or MMI. This is a stage at which you are not expected to make any further recovery with regard to your injuries. Should you file a demand before this, you may miss out on considerable amounts of money with regard to medical bills, which more often than not fluctuate over time. Maximum Medical Improvement allows you to estimate the cost of treatment going forward, giving you a good number with which to file damages for with regard to medical bills.

Insurance Company Tricks and Uber Settlements

Another reason why your Uber settlement may be taking so long is due to bad faith insurance providers using underhanded tricks to get you to cave and accept a less-than-sufficient offer. Insurance adjusters will play on your emotional strings in order to get you to settle, so they may not respond to your calls or emails until a time when they sense you are absolutely desperate and strapped for cash and then approach you with a lowball offer. A good way of avoiding this would be to get a second opinion from a more established Uber accidents law firm such as McCready Law at (773) 825-3547. We’ll help engage the insurance company and make sure that they settle in a fair and fast manner using the legal instruments we have at our exposure.

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