Wide Turn Squeeze and Play Accident Attorneys in Chicago

Tractor trailers, owing to their large size, cannot be maneuvered in the same manner as your average SUV. Drivers must operate these large vehicles with consummate skill and precision, all the while paying attention to the movement of other road users, particularly when approaching an intersection or when wanting to merge. Squeeze play truck accidents are some of the most catastrophic Illinois truck accidents, and they usually cause severe injuries to the occupants of the smaller vehicle and even death.

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Why Wide Turn Truck Accidents Happen

Your average tractor trailer or semi weighs on average 25 more times than the typical American family sedan or SUV. This means that they are hard to control, and it takes time to get them back on course should something untoward happen. Making a turn is a herculean task for any truck driver, and usually requires planning in advance as well as working with all of one’s senses in order to successfully carry out the maneuver. For instance, truck drivers must make sure that there aren’t any vehicles to his left when moving into an adjacent lane or when looking to make a right turn. In addition, trucks have large blind spots than can be missed by even the largest of wide angle mirrors.

How Squeeze and Play Accidents Occur

Making turns in residential areas may be particularly dangerous because there is a high likelihood of vehicles being pushed all the way into the adjoining curb, resulting in cars being crushed or side-swiped. In addition, there’s always the possibility that the truck driver in Illinois didn’t accurately judge the clearance space, thereby hitting a car at the end of the truck’s turn. Lastly, vehicles in opposing traffic may be involved in a collision if the truck driver makes too wide of a swing, leaving the second half of the tractor trailer in the face of incoming traffic.

Why are Wide Turn Truck Accidents So Dangerous?

Squeeze play accidents are particularly dangerous given the fact that most passenger vehicles simply cannot withstand the multi-ton monstrosities that are tractor trailers or semis. Vehicles being crushed into nothingness with passengers in them are a common occurrence, making victim extraction a near impossibility. In addition, due to the fact that tractor trailer bases are so high off the ground, car roof crushes and roofs being sheared clean off happen with regularity, causing decapitations or severe head injuries.

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Truck driver training is vital to ensure that these accidents don’t occur.  In addition, truck driver fatigue, the use of illicit substances while driving, distracted driving and operating poorly maintained trucks are common causative factors in wide turn accidents in Illinois. If you or a loved one was hurt in a wide turn accident in Chicago, filing a Chicago truck accident lawsuit will help you recover compensation to help pay for your medical treatment, lost wages, pain and suffering, and so much more. Ready to speak to someone regarding your legal options with your Chicago car accident claim? Contact us NOW at 1 (773) 825-3547 to speak with a friendly Illinois injury attorney. We look forward to hearing from you.