Will I Be Covered By Uber’s Million Dollar Accident Policy?

Uber has an insurance policy that makes it possible for you to file a claim in case you get injured while in an Uber vehicle, provided certain terms are met. With the popularity and massive reach of apps like Uber, Lyft and other rideshare apps and services, just about everyone has taken a ride on one of these app vehicles given the convenience and affordability they provide. That said, many Uber drivers aren’t particularly qualified to perform this kind of work, as it takes a certain level of coordination and defensive driving to navigate our roads, as many of these routes take most drivers out of their comfort zones. An accident in an Uber, or getting hit by an Uber driver is grounds for compensation as long as you can prove fault in your demand letter.

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Before we begin, it is important to note that Uber is a technology company, and not a taxi or transportation company. It simply facilitates the process of getting riders connected with drivers in a manner that is convenient. Therefore, it is not subject to the same transportation regulations as other stakeholders such laid down by the federal and state governments. In addition, Uber drivers are not considered as employees of the company, but instead, they are independent contractors. This means that Uber is limited with regard to liability should something happen to you.

Uber provides you with a $1 million dollar insurance policy that is tiered in three:

  1. Not Available: This simply means that the Uber driver is not available to accept requests for driving by clients. Should an Uber driver get into an accident while they are in the “not available” stage, their own insurance, and not Uber’s, kicks in.
  2. No Passenger But Available: This usually means that the Uber accident isn’t transporting a passenger at the moment, but they are available for ride requests. In such instances, the driver’s own insurance will kick in should they get into an accident, but Uber will at their discretion provide extra coverage to the tune of $50,000 for each injury that can go as high as $100,000, as well as property damage coverage of $25,000.
  3. Available and Carrying Passenger: This is when Uber’s $1 million dollar policy kicks in. As long as the Uber driver is active, and they’re carrying you and they get into an accident, you’re eligible for policy payouts of up to $1 million. However, just because you’re eligible doesn’t mean that Uber pays up – there are many instances that they deny coverage which may have a spillover effect on the driver’s main insurance company which may also refuse to pay.

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