Will OWCP Accept Your Carpal Tunnel Diagnosis? Find Out Here

Carpal tunnel is a wrist injury that is commonly seen in professions where one has to use their hands in a repetitive manner all day. This condition affects the wrists where sensitive bones can undergo degradation, as well as nerves becoming impinged by the surrounding bone and tissue, causing pain, inflexibility and the inability to use one’s wrists, and consequently, hands. Injured federal workers usually suffer carpal tunnel syndrome because of the repetitive nature of jobs such as mail carrier, those working in warehouses, as well as administrative assistants who have to type up reports all day. After some time, carpal tunnel becomes so excruciatingly painful that one is robbed of the function of their hands, necessitating time off work due to disability.

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Carpal Tunnel and Injured Federal Workers – How Does It Happen?

Carpal tunnel is caused by median nerve and tendon compression in your wrist. The carpal tunnel is usually structurally narrow; because of this, any kind of swelling can cause it to narrow even further, causing the compression of the structures contained therein. Numbness, weakness of the hand, and pain radiating from the wrist are usually classic signs of carpal tunnel syndrome.  Pushing carts, carrying, offloading and making repetitive motions such as sliding parcels onto porches or slots can cause inflammation of the wrist, and factors such as advanced age, diabetes, arthritis, weight and gender can compound carpal tunnel syndrome.

Qualifying for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Compensation as Federal Workers

In order to qualify for OWCP carpal tunnel benefits, it must be clear in your doctor’s report that key work duties directly led to your development of this condition. The physician must state in clear, objective medical terms how these work duties led to the injury or syndrome, and he or she must do so in line with FECA regulations with regard to the officially provided impairment rating. OWCP refers to Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment table provided by the American Medical Association in order to ensure the uniform implementation of justice when assessing all carpal tunnel claims for injured federal workers.

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It is important to note that you will have to meet your burden to establish a certain impairment rating that is above what OWCP considers compensable if you’re ever going to receive your benefits. To this end, working with experienced OWCP attorneys who not only understand injured federal worker law and have access to physicians who have examined and/or performed surgeries on injured postal workers and other federal workers is the way to go. Going it alone after gleaning pieces of information from internet forums will not only waste your time, but it will also possibly invalidate your claim as evidence and finding the right OWCP-conversant physician are key. If you’d like access to our legal resources as well as referrals to such physicians, give us a call TODAY at 1-855-233-3002 to learn more about your legal options. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.