Will Uber Pay for My Lost Wages After an Accident? More Inside

Almost everyone that gets into an accident will have to spend time off work in order to heal and recuperate. Uber accidents can be traumatic and lead to substantial injuries that may need immediate medical treatment as well as a couple of weeks of convalescence in order to get back to perfect health. However, a lot of people worry about being away from work after getting injured in an Uber accident, and many of them may wonder if there’s any form of reprieve when it comes to the wages they lost as a result of said accident. thankfully, lost wages are a type of financial damages that are handled under an Uber accident lawsuit, and their reimbursement will help you catch up on your bills as well as avoid a poor credit score and having to move homes or sell assets just to get by.

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Uber Insurance Policy After an Accident

When you get into an accident caused by an Uber driver, and if the driver was actively carrying you or another passenger or was stationary waiting on a passenger, you will be covered by Uber’s insurance policy which can range from anywhere between $100,000 to a million dollars. If you were out of work on account for your injuries for over 3 weeks, Uber’s insurance policy will reimburse you for those three weeks.

Here’s what you’ll need in order to file a lost wages claim:

  1. A physician’s letter confirming that you were indeed injured and underwent treatment
  2. A letter from your employer confirming the number of days spent off work
  3. A copy of a police report confirming that the accident did indeed occur.

How are Uber Accident Lost Wages Calculated?

Lost wages is typically calculated as the amount of time you were out of work on account of your Uber accident injuries multiplied by your pay rate. In addition, your lost wages may be increased if in case you missed out on any promotions or interviews you could have had due to them being lined up but weren’t able to take advantage of on account of your injuries and the subsequent mandatory recovery period. If you aren’t a salaried individual, and instead work on commission, you may still be eligible for lost wages as long as you show documentation of the commissions you missed that you had lined up but weren’t able to go after due to your injuries.

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