Will Witnesses Help My Personal Injury Claim? More Inside

Witnesses play a pivotal role in personal injury cases because they can sway the opinion of the judge and the jury with their unbiased testimony or statements. Sometimes, it’s not enough to just have a preponderance of the evidence, as something may not really add up, or the jury may have a hard time picturing what really went wrong. It is important to note here that witnesses can be people you know or don’t know – what matters is that you are able to get an objective statement from them in order to present this to legal experts in your case. Witness testimony can describe what really happened, and how it happened. If you have more than one witness saying a certain thing or giving the same version of the story, it is hard or next to impossible to argue against said testimony, making it more than likely that you will recover compensation as part of your legal demand, something we can help you with.

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Sourcing a Witness for Your Personal Injury Case

If you’re able to do so, get witness statements at the scene of the injury or accident. This is because the longer you wait, the more likely the witnesses will forget or obscure or confuse details of what really happened. Ask witnesses or people who live close by to the accident or injury to write down what they saw, and then have them sign and date the slip of paper. A recording will work, as long as they read out a declaration verifying the validity of the information they just gave out. That said, some would-be witnesses may not want to be involved in the whole thing, so they may shy away from giving a written or oral statements. In such cases, simply ask the individual to write down their personal information as well as their address and telephone number so you can reach out to them at a later date. Now, the insurance company may reach out to your witnesses, and this is something you should anticipate. We always tell clients to NEVER tell witnesses NOT to speak with the insurance adjuster, but rather, that they have the right to speak with these individuals should they so choose.

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Another class of witnesses is expert witnesses: these are individuals that have the needed credentials, experience and community standing needed to provide their informed and objective opinion on the circumstances that led to your injuries. Need to learn more about how witnesses will help your injury claim? Please reach out to us NOW (773) 825-3605 for more information on your legal options for justice and compensation. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.