Woman Awarded $3.6 Million in Defective Bard IVC Filter Bellwether Trial

A woman was recently awarded damages totaling $3.6 million after a heart vessel implant she was fitted with dislodged, migrated and punctured a major artery, necessitating the performing of open heart surgery to rectify the damage. Sherr-Una Booker of Georgia gave her testimony in front of a judge and jury in a first of many bellwether trials that may see other affected individuals come forward implicating pharma giant C.R Bard in injuries that were caused by their Inferior Vena Cava filter whose efficacy has come into question.

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Jury to C.R Bard – Pay Up

Jurors hearing the case ordered Bard to compensate Booker $1.6 million for their negligence in failing to warn her about the dangers of the device they manufactured. They also ordered a third party to pay $2million, as well as another $2million in punitive damages.

Plaintiff’s Attorney in IVC Filter Case – We’re Happy With The Results

Attorney Robin Lourie, representing the claimant gave a statement stating that she and her client were very happy with the results and that the plaintiff wants Bard to accept responsibility for their defective filters as well as their failure to warn the medical community about the high risk nature of their filters. She went on to add that she hopes the jury award will help many other individuals who have suffered the same fate to receive the help they deserve. She finished off by stating that her client still lives in fear that a piece of the IVC filter remains in her artery wall may dislodge, travel to another location in her body, causing other health complications.

Bard IVC MDL Lawsuit and Settlements Underway

IVC filters work by catching clots that form before they move into major organs such as the heart and the lungs. However, there have been documented cases of Bard IVC failures over the years that have designated them as high risk and fraught with complications. Multidistrict litigation to handle the 3,639 lawsuits filed by individuals harmed by Bard devices is underway, and is being heard by U.S. District Court Judge David G. Campbell.

Legal Help for Bard IVC Filter Lawsuits

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