Workers’ Compensation and Chemical Exposure Claims – Read This Before Filing

Many individuals think of injuries as those that involve someone slipping and falling, getting hurt by a tool or work appliance, or being the victim of a car accident. Chemical exposure can cause severe and longstanding injuries, and these kinds of accidents can change the course of one’s life permanently if the exposure level was pervasive and affected major organs such as the lungs and brain. Chemical exposure attorneys usually have to deal with a number of at-fault or negligent parties in such cases, meaning larger payouts for injured parties.

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Chemical Exposure Statistics

It is estimated that a little over 10 percent of all occupational-related deaths are due to toxic chemical exposure. The majority of these accidents occur in the environmental protection, healthcare and aircraft industries where workers understandably come across a number of toxic chemicals on any given day.

Chemical Exposure Isn’t Always Apparent

Chemical exposure injuries at the workplace may happen instantly, or can build up over time such as in the case of the inhalation of caustic gases. The skin, the largest organ in the human body, is very porous and will absorb toxic chemicals indiscriminately, and workers may also inhale or ingest these substances. CDC states that skin absorption is by far the most common form of chemical exposure, and up to 13 million workers are exposed in this manner each year.

How To File a Chemical Exposure Claim

OSHA has in place stringent measures that must be adhered to to guarantee the safety of workers in any and all industries across the country. If you become a victim of toxic chemical exposure, you will need to file an administrative claim with this federal agency so you can get started on your road to compensation.

How a Chemical Exposure Attorney Can Help

Chemical exposure lawsuits are not easy to win because you will need to show proximate cause between the offending chemical and the development of your injuries or illness. You will also need to furnish work records to show you were at the point of exposure over a certain period of time, leading to your injuries. This will require the keen eye of a Chicago workers’ compensation attorney who will be able to tie the evidence together to unequivocally show that your injuries are directly tied to a certain chemical. In addition, you may be able to file a product liability claim if it can be proven that some form of negligence on the chemical supplier’s part was what led to your health injuries.

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