Workers’ Compensation Claims for Sprains and Strains

Feet and ankles are prone to work injuries by virtue of the fact that many spend their time going from place to place within the workplace or from one place of business to the next, or those who work in an industrial setting and have to be on their feet all day. Feet and ankle injuries tend to take long to recover and as such, may have you out of commission or force you to get on crutches or a wheelchair which might impede on your productivity or even make it impossible for you to get back to work until you are fully healed.

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Lawyers for Sprain Injuries –  Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Muscle tears, strains and overexertion injuries are immensely painful. To add insult to injury, these types of worker injuries tend to linger and cause background pain and even disability after you’ve fully healed. If you have a physically demanding job, you want to make sure you safeguard your legal rights to maximum workers’ compensation. Now, a muscle strain legal claim might be accepted by your employee; that being said, the responsibility lies on you to prove that the sprain affects your ability to be a productive member at work so you are eligible for Chicago workers’ compensation. This means that your foot or ankle injury must be so severe that it may make it impossible for you to return to work for many weeks or even months. Strains or sprains that affect the foot or ankle usually involve serious injuries such as torn rotator cuffs or tendons which may warrant extensive laparoscopic surgery.

Don’t Ignore Soft Tissue Injuries

Foot and ankle injuries usually involve soft tissue injuries that happen due to inflexible, tired or weak muscles. The nature of most jobs is that they are repetitive, making some of these injuries almost a given, especially in individuals of an advanced age. That being said, don’t be fooled by the “soft” connotation given to these types of injuries: it is important that you follow the full course of treatment and stay off the injured foot or ankle until you are sufficiently healed.

Compensation for Foot and Ankle Injuries – Workers’ Compensation

If you were injured due to an unsafe workplace or the negligence or oversight of a supervisor or employer, you may want to consider filing an injured worker lawsuit. For this, you may be able to recover the cost of medical treatment, lost wages, the cost of occupational care, pain and suffering and so much more. While workers’ compensation may sound like a good and safe option, it may barely be sufficient for all your needs in the long run when it comes to these injuries.

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