Workers’ Compensation for Injuries Sustained at a Work Event

Company-sponsored events are a fun way to get to know your co-workers including those that work in different departments, build a sense of community and team spirit, let one’s hair down as well as build company morale. Go Karting and softball are just but some of the activities that happen during these events, and injuries are not uncommon. One may wonder if it’s possible to file for and recover workers’ compensation benefits in Illinois if they got injured during events. Thankfully, the law has in place statutes that allow for compensation in such cases, provided certain legal requirements are met.

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Workers’ Compensation Law in Illinois

Section 11 of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act protects your rights for legal recourse when you get injured at a work-sponsored event. It states that “accidental injuries incurred while participating in voluntary recreational programs including but not limited to athletic events, parties, and picnics do not arise out of and in the course of employment even though the employer pays some or all of the cost thereof.” However, this exclusion shall not apply in the event that the injured employee was ordered or assigned by his employer to participate in the program. This basically means that if you were required under contract to attend the event, you may be able to recover compensation for injuries sustained. The validity of your claim will therefore hinge on whether the activity is deemed voluntary enough which will arise out of examining the circumstances around your case.

In looking at these kinds of cases, courts take the following to determine the “voluntary clause”:

  • Would there have been repercussions for not attending or participating in the event?
  • Would you have had a cut in your paycheck by not participating?
  • Did the event take place during your typical working or business hours?
  • Was the event marketable in such a way that it benefited your employer?
  • There was an unwritten and unsaid requirement which placed expectations on everyone to attend the event
  • Those who attended received compensation or were rewarded for their attendance and/or participation

If you had no choice but to attend due to the circumstances or conditions named above, you may be eligible for Illinois workers’ compensation should you get injured.

Attorneys for Injured Workers in Chicago

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