Workplace Harassment and Federal Workers’ Compensation

Any individual in a position of power over others in a federal institution is supposed to wield this power and influence in a responsible manner. By virtue of having this kind of power over people, it is imperative that one treats others with compassion, respect and consideration. That being said, some people are driven to positions of power due to being sadists on a fundamental level, and use this opportunity to become cruel and mistreat their employees.

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Your workplace is supposed a place where you’re able to carry out all your duties undeterred. This means being given the respect and space to do what is expected of you within a reasonable timeframe. In addition, there shouldn’t be a difference between the way you are treated versus how others are treated. Despite your race, gender, beliefs, age or socioeconomic status, you deserve respect as a human being. When your supervisor belittles, shouts at you or metes out extraordinarily harsh punishment, you have every right to confront them so you can put an end to this behavior.

 When facing workplace harassment as a federal worker, here are the steps you should take:

  1. Document everything. This means taking notes on the days and times as well as location the harassment took place so you have concrete evidence.
  2. Pull the perpetrator aside and have a talk with them, citing your concerns in a clear and factual manner. This will not only give them a chance to change their behavior, it will also show that you took steps to mitigate the situation.
  3. Should the hostile working environment persist, consider speaking to upper management to get someone with more power to take your concerns seriously. Make sure to give them copies of the records you’ve kept, and keep a record of the conversation with them as well.
  4. Should you not get adequate help, look into speaking with an Equal Employment Opportunity counselor so they can set up a mediation meeting between the perpetrator and you. This step is necessary before filing an official federal workers’ compensation complaint, so don’t skip it.

 Legal Help for Federal Workers’ Compensation

You shouldn’t have to put up with a hostile working environment because chances are, they are unlikely going to change without any form of legal consequences for the agency and the perpetrator. If you’ve suffered abuse as a federal worker, don’t take chances with your life or future: get in touch with us on 1-877-561-3004 for your free and confidential consultation regarding seeking federal workers’ compensation for physical or emotional damages. Thanks for choosing us.