Worried About Hotel Injury Settlements? Start Here

The hospitality industry is a resilient one, and even after a year of the coronavirus pandemic, people are still choosing to go on holiday and there’s nothing that compares to being able to check out for a week to an exotic or alpine destination to enjoy the services that only a hotel resort can offer. Resort workers are highly trained to provide the absolute best when it comes to service, making them an indispensable part of the industry.

Are you looking for a resort injury attorney? If you or a loved one suffered injuries that were caused by the negligent actions of the staff or other resort patrons, you may be eligible for compensation. These cases are time-sensitive, and evidence must be collected and preserved in order to have a valid claim. For your FREE and confidential consultation, please contact the best resort injury attorneys at (773) 906-4159 so we assess your case and advise further.

Some of the most common resorts frequented by individuals include:

  • Themed holiday resorts like Disney World
  • Cruise Ship holidays
  • Amusement parks
  • Outdoor sports resorts such as ski resorts

The most common injuries experienced on holiday resorts include

It is important to note that you the consumer are protected by the law in the event that you suffer a hotel resort injury. Premises liability law orders property managers to maintain their premises and maintain them in a reasonably safe manner so as to not put patrons like you at risk of injury. Should they breach this duty of care and you get injured, you can sue for compensation according to personal injury law.

Hotel Resort Injury Help – Why Legal Representation is Best

Hotel resorts, cruise ships and their insurers are also in the business of making money, and taking money out of their pots to pay claims is not something that they like nor enjoy doing. Therefore, it is likely that resort officials and their insurance representatives will downplay and in some cases, blame you for the injury in order to minimize their payout to you or not pay you altogether. By contacting a resorts injuries lawyer, you’ll not only safeguard your legal rights, but you’ll be able to recover maximum compensation allowed by law.

Here are the steps to take minutes after suffering an injury at a hotel resort

  1. Seek immediate medical attention, and call 911
  2. Have the manager see you or someone with security and place a report
  3. Ask that the hotel resort provide you with a copy of the incident report
  4. Identify witnesses
  5. Take note of all the security cameras

Best Attorneys for Hotel Resort Injuries

The last and certainly not the least thing you should do is call our hotel resort attorneys at (773) 906-4159. We’ll help you create a demand letter, issue court orders to have the resort preserve and present to us video evidence, and help with investigating the case in its entirety. Need to speak with someone about your hotel resort injuries? Please call (773) 906-4159 NOW for your 100% FREE and confidential consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.