My Child Has Sustained A Dog Bite, What Are My Rights?

Dog bites and children – what you need to know.

Your child has been injured by a dog. This case is about your son or daughter. Whether your child was bitten by a dog, knocked down and hurt by a dog, or injured by a dog in some other way, your child deserves to be compensated. Regardless of your personal feelings, or who owned the dog, it is about your child.

Your son or daughter has the right to make a recovery for injuries sustained in a Chicago dog bite case. Any money recovered for your child belongs to him or her. A personal injury case involving a dog bite will pay for your child’s medical bills and compensate him or her for any scar caused by the dog attack. Your child may also be entitled to monetary recovery to pay for future scar revision or plastic surgery. Even if the dog bite does not leave any physical scars, being bitten by a dog can leave a lasting psychological impact.

Typically, when we make a recovery for a child for a dog bite injury, that money is placed in an interest bearing bank account until your child turns eighteen (18). That money can be there for them for their education, or as a down payment for a house or a car. If your son or daughter has been bitten by a dog, you can bring a case on their behalf.