I’ve Been Hurt on a CTA Train, What Should I Do?

CTA trains are involved in accidents much more frequently than people imagine. However, most people are injured on CTA trains as a result of driver negligence or poor maintenance of the CTA train. When you pay a fare to travel on a CTA train, the CTA makes a promise to safely transport you from one stop to another. If you are injured on the train, the CTA is probably responsible for your injuries.

Sudden Stop or Sudden Acceleration on a CTA Train

Many people are hurt when a CTA train conductor suddenly accelerates or slams on the brakes of the train. A CTA conductor is supposed to operate the train in a reasonably smooth manner and obey all track regulations. This includes waiting until passengers are safe before gradually accelerating and slowly coming to a stop by decelerating evenly. If you are injured as a result of negligence by a CTA train conductor, the CTA is responsible for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Be careful, you only have one year to sue the CTA.

Poor Maintenance of CTA Train

Anyone who has been on a CTA train knows they can get pretty dirty.Trash is left, food is spilled, and snow, water, and dirt are tracked onto the trains. The CTA has an obligation to make sure their trains remain clean and safe. If you slip and fall on a CTA train, you may have a claim for your injuries, including your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.