I’ve Been Injured on CTA Property

Although most CTA accidents happen in CTA bus crashes or train accidents, many people each year sustain injuries on CTA property. You may slip and fall on a bus or train, trip and fall on a CTA sidewalk or at a CTA station, or be assaulted on CTA property. If you have been injured on CTA property, the CTA may be responsible to pay your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

The CTA owes the highest duty of care to protect the safety of its customers

Because people pay a fare to the CTA to transport them, the law places a higher burden on the CTA to make sure people using the CTA are safe. You deserve to be safe and free from negligence when taking the CTA. McCready Law has represented clients who:

  • suffered a severe laceration from sharp metal at a CTA station
  • received electrical shocks from a faulty light pole
  • were assaulted by gang members on a CTA bus
  • sustained a broken ankle when the bus driver stopped in front of a snow bank
  • fell on ice dripping from a construction scaffold

These are just a few of the cases we have handled over the years. To see if we can help with your injury case, contact us for a free no obligation consultation.

Act quickly! You only have one year to sue the CTA for personal injuries

Unlike other personal injury cases where the statute of limitations is two years, the time to bring a claim against the CTA is only one year. Because of this, CTA claim examiners will often delay your claim and you will run the risk of losing all your rights by running out of time. It is important to talk with a lawyer who has handled hundreds of cases against the CTA.