Won’t My Insurance Company Treat Me Fairly In An Uninsured Motorist Case?

Even your insurance company will not offer the full value of your claim to you. Let’s face it. You have paid your insurance premium, sometimes for decades, and you have never had a claim. You are in an accident which was not your fault, and now you have an uninsured motorist claim.

Many people believe the insurance company will treat them fairly because it is “their” insurance company. It’s not like making a liability claim against another insurance company, is it? You may be surprised to learn that insurance companies handle uninsured motorist claims the same way they handle liability claims.

The fact that you are one of their insureds makes no difference. The job of an insurance company is make money, not pay claims. An insurance company will try to keep the amount of money they pay on any claim as low as possible.

You still need a lawyer to represent your interests in an uninsured motorist claim. Simply because you are dealing with your insurance company in an uninsured motorist claim does not mean your insurance company will open their checkbook and pay you fair compensation for your injuries.

Insurance companies look for any way whatsoever to keep the amount of money paid on a claim low. This is why you still need a lawyer to protect your interests in an uninsured motorist case, even against your own insurance company. To discuss your case with an experienced uninsured motorist lawyer, contact us for a no obligation consultation.