Gerald Fritz is one who listens to his intuition, and it is a good thing. Most often our personnel stories begin with a hefty list of accomplishments and talents, but this time – we want to highlight what it means to follow your heart.

At one point and time, Gerald left his hometown of Chicago to take up residence in the lone star state of Texas. BUT, as fate would have it, he followed his heart (literally) and moved back home to his beloved Chicago. Love looks amazing on Gerald and as a newly engaged young man, he somehow manages to juggle picking out china, seating arrangements, and deciphering the inner workings of the law.

He loves his law studies. He at first had inclinations towards being a professional athlete, but then found work in the criminal justice system. During this time, he realized he wanted to be a lawyer. He is devoted to helping people and aspires to be a leader in the law community. Though law related studies take up most of his time, he is devoted to following his favorite sports teams – the Bears, the White Sox, and the Blackhawks (Did we mention he loves Chicago?). He also enjoys traveling and Italian comfort foods i.e., pasta and pizza paired with a glass of wine.

On the weekends, you can most likely find Gerald enjoying a game of golf or taking in a comedy at home. He says he is sort of a homebody and enjoys listening to music to decompress or playing his bass guitar. He is well-read of course being a law-school graduate, but he says for pleasure he enjoys reading true crime novels. His personal attribute that contributes greatly to our firm is his outstanding level of dependability.

His determination is overwhelming, and this is evident by the revelation of his favorite movie – The Shawshank Redemption. As such, you can expect this young man to work hard for all those who need him. We have zero idea where he gets his fire from since he isn’t a coffee drinker. However, we won’t hold it against him and feel blessed to have him on our own sports team of sorts comprised of ‘legal

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