Angela Munoz is one of our awesome case managers. She helps our clients by paying close attention to all the details of each case — things like insurance information and recovery reports — to keep everything on track. Angela helps clients navigate through all bureaucracy, so they don’t have to feel stressed or upset. She is very caring and looks after our clients from the end of the intake process until our attorneys begin sending out demand letters.

Angela is a great member of our team, as she has a passion for customer service and goes out of her way to help others during a vulnerable time in their lives. She even won our 2024 value award for accessibility because of her hard work and compassion.
With a solid background working for legal firms, she brings years of experience and a commitment to excellence to her role. Angela earned a bachelor’s degree in Law from the Catholic University of Colombia. She also has a Masters in Human Rights from Pablo de Olavide University in Spain.

Hailing from Bogota, Colombia, Angela knows good coffee. She loves indulging in a cappuccino before diving into work, but thinks that more than anything else, coffee is meant to be shared. It’s a great opportunity to gather with those important to you. Speaking of, in her free time, Angela finds joy in spending time with loved ones, particularly her grandmother whose wisdom and guidance have been invaluable throughout her life. She has, and always will be, a great mentor to Angela. She also enjoys quality time with her mom, as the ladies are known to meet up at least once a week for a great cocktail and even some dancing.

When she’s not with family, she’s out dancing with friends or hitting the gym. She loves enjoying the rhythms of traditional Colombian Cumbia or combat training. She’s been working at the latter for more than 20 years — sometimes even up to two hours a day!