Thomas is an attorney who began his career in law with notable aspirations in mind. His education was centered around biology and environmental studies. Then he later attended law school because he wanted to become instrumental in the fight for more stringent environmental policies. Thomas is a very grounded individual and likes to unwind at one of Chicago’s famed institutions, Replay, with a nice pint of IPA.

Thomas describes himself as competitive, slightly nerdy, and with a highly empathic disposition. He truly gets his hands immersed in the clay of our cases and places himself firmly in the seat to hear every story our clients’ relay to him. Functioning as a litigation specialist, he fits perfectly in our firm because he embodies a strong moral compass and deep love for humanity.

He fully embraces the golden rule and treats people with respect and kindness. He also possesses the ability to roll with the tide which comes in handy on stressful days often quoting his dad’s favorite line, “It is what it is.”

He has a passion for cooking and admits his ultimate dream includes driving an Aston Martin all over Europe. We imagine him decked out in Bond like attire driving all over Italy for the best olive oil to use in his trademark dish, Bolognese.

Thomas loves to read mystery books and says the book, “No Logo” by Naomi Kline was life altering for him. It speaks about the misuse of branding and how it has influenced social norms – especially among our youth. Travel is also high on the list for things that make him vibe a little higher with Istanbul representing one of the top 5 on his magical city list. We have a feeling that this Canadian might also be making his way to Kyoto or Osaka once he completes his mission to learn Japanese.

Our firm is delighted to have Thomas on board our legal powerhouse. We hope you enjoy engaging with him as much as we do!