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I have been running my own law firm since 2000.  I have grown from a solo to having four attorneys and a staff of 19.  I have learned a lot about running a law firm over those years.  For those who know me, I am always willing to share my experience in the hopes of making others more successful.  It was from this that the Third Thursday Attorney Referral Newsletter was born.  Originally sent out just to my referring attorneys, the feedback has been so positive, and my columns shared with so many other lawyers, I have been adding attorneys to the newsletter as I speak with them.

Third Thursday Referral Newsletter

Each month on the Third Thursday of the month, you will receive an e-mail.  You can always unsubscribe, but I feel you will enjoy receiving the e-mails.  The Third Thursday Update contains:

  • An informative article dealing with a legal practice issue which I have learned from running my firm.  Topics will cover business development, staff issues as well as technology
  • A new case of the month which the firm is handling
  • A lawyer joke of the month because sometimes you just have to be able to laugh at yourself
  • An employee spotlight where you will learn more about about the lawyers and staff and their lives outside the office

In short, I take pride in putting together the Third Thursday monthly e-mail and hope you find it worthwhile.  Your e-mail is never shared and is used exclusively by McCready, Garcia & Leet.