Claim Calculation Software: Friend or Foe?

After an auto injury, it is important to know that you are getting the best compensation from your insurance provider. However, some insurance companies like Allstate have found a way to give their customers low-ball offers after auto injuries. They do this by using claim calculation software.

With the illusion of anonymity and impartiality, this software may seem to benefit both the insurer and the insured. But the insurance companies can manipulate this software by excluding the outlier medical bills from their data inputs, giving you a lower compensation.

One consumer watchdog told the Chicago Tribune that when Allstate was creating its software, “Colossus,” “skewing occurred initially upon the installation of the product and continued via various methods.”

This flawed system keeps customers from getting the compensation they deserve. If you feel your settlement is lower than it should be, ask if the company is using claim calculation software. If they are, obtain a printout of the report, also called a consultation report. Don’t bother talking to the supervisor, they are often impotent to solve these problems or at best, unmotivated to. Instead, contact the branch manager.

If none of that works, seek legal representation. McCready Law can help you get the compensation you deserve. Call us today at (773) 663-4522 for a free consultation.