Conditions Accepted by OWCP

The OWCP has stringent rules when it comes to compensation for federal worker injuries. It thus comes as no surprise that many injured federal workers are denied compensation for some injuries which may have happened on the job but are considered to be ‘inconsequential’ or ‘non-compensable’ by the federal body.  Getting a denial can be frustrating and heartbreaking, and your best bet at resolution and reinstatement lies in working with an experienced federal workers’ compensation attorney.

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In order to qualify for compensation, you must first prove that your injuries were sustained on the job and that they were due to carrying out a work-related duty. This means that any injury you sustained at home or away from work outside work hours isn’t covered by federal workers’ compensation.

 Here’s an overview of some of the injuries that are compensable:

  1. Slips and falls
  2. Being struck by an object
  3. Tripping on furniture or office furnishings
  4. Exposure to silica, toxic chemicals or any lung irritants
  5. Electrocutions
  6. Suffering a puncture or laceration in the line of duty
  7. Being next to an explosive when it goes off
  8. Having a corrosive agent getting spilled on you
  9. Becoming a victim of harassment or suffering emotional trauma
  10. Suffering an injury due to exertion
  11. Suffering an injury due to repetitive actions such as typing
  12. Getting bitten by a dog as a letter carrier
  13. Contracting a bacterial or viral disease

Of course, all these injuries always have exceptions, and must be examined by an OWCP-friendly doctor who will then write up a favorable and objective report which will then be sent over to DFEC for consideration.

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That being said, before you consider moving forward with filling in forms, please note that you may come upon insurmountable odds and sometimes, outright rejections. Since you will probably need to be out of work for a few weeks to months, you may want to make sure that none of these eventualities become your reality. When it comes to federal compensation, do not gamble with fate. Please give us a call on 1-877-561-3004 and we’ll help guide you through the whole process so you can receive the full amount of federal compensation you’re entitled to. Thanks for choosing us, and we look forward to hearing from you.