Fatal Car Accident takes 102 Year Old Women From Floosmoor, IL.

Margaret Clark a 102 year-old resident from Flossmoor, IL was pronounced dead at 10:40 pm this past Saturday.   Margaret was passenger in her daughter’s car at 12:30 pm on her way to a dental appointment when the car accident occurred.   Medical experts declared Margaret ‘s death was from injuries cased by the blunt force trauma from the car accident.

Margaret life was cut short by an unfortunate car accident, but Margaret’s life was described as anything but cut short.  She was a beloved neighborhood figure by all.  She won the children of the neighborhoods hearts by handing out the always-coveted full size candy bars on Halloween.  She justified the larger candy bar by saying they were her favorite candy, and they shared the same name.   Handing out full size candy bars only scratched the surface of her extraordinary generosity.

She was a dedicated volunteer at the YMCA where she taught disabled children the joy of swimming until she was well into her 70’s.  She also dedicated time to help the visually impaired learn how to read.   When Margaret wasn’t devoting her time else where, she could be found knitting, painting, sketching or meticulously working in her garden.   Her superior gardening skills had neighbors comparing her yard to one you may see in a magazine.

Margaret may no longer be with us anymore but her decades of giving and helping keep her alive in all those she touched.  Margaret was described as a one of a-kind person.   Who touched more lives then she could ever imagine.

Thoughts and well wishes go to the Clark family.