Here’s How an Epidural Steroid Injection Will Help Your Case

A slip and fall or car accident can leave you with unrelenting pain in your neck and back due to a slipped or herniated disc. This can make routine and normal tasks difficult to perform on account of the pain one experiences every time they move their hand, or waist, for instance. Your personal injury attorney may recommend that you undergo an epidural steroid injection into your neck or back, and while this may seem like an odd and expensive request, it makes perfect sense in the grand scheme of things for reasons we’ll take a look at shortly.

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Should I Get an Epidural Steroid Injection After My Herniated or Bulging Disc Injury?

Epidural steroid injections are recommended by doctors after an injury in order to reduce pain and discomfort. Steroids are ideal when it comes to damping down inflammation in the body, which has been shown to co-exist hand in hand with chronic pain. Epidural steroid injections, especially those administered in the back or neck are done in three injections spaced out over a period of a couple of week. The steroid goes into the damaged nerve tissue and goes to work at getting rid of the proteins that are thought to be responsible for inflammation. It is important to note here that epidural steroid injections do not heal injuries; they only take away your pain and make it possible for you to resume a normal life in as little time as possible.

Cost of Epidural Steroid Injection

The average cost of an epidural steroid injection to the back or neck varies, but a ballpark figure would be a little over $1,000 figure. The doctor injecting the epidural steroid injection may ask you to come back for at least two other shots, and together with consultation, you should expect to pay a minimum of $4,000. With insurance, the cost is a bit higher, and those paying cash may realize deep discounts.

Does an Epidural Steroid Injection Increase My Settlement?

The main reason why we recommend individuals that have suffered neck or back injuries (including herniated discs or bulging discs) get these epidural injections is because insurance companies will often refuse to believe or accept that you suffered an injury UNTIL you get these injections, as they will serve as concrete medical proof of the same which cannot be contested. Once you have these injections, you can approach them with your experienced accident attorneys with your desired compensation, and they are more likely to say YES because they simply are afraid of litigation given the existence of real medical evidence illustrating the extent of your injuries.

Call an Experienced Attorney if You Required an Epidural Steroid Injection After a Back Injury

An epidural steroid injection will therefore increase the value of your car accident or slip and fall claim, and make it more likely to get exactly what you want at the end of your personal injury negotiations. Need to make sense of it all? Please call our friendly and experienced personal injury attorneys NOW to learn more about your legal options for a settlement after getting a steroid injection for bulging discs or other injuries. Thanks, and we look forward to helping you.