Here’s How You Can Maximize Your Personal Injury Statement

There’s a common misconception in the public domain that personal injury lawsuits offer a free lunch to anyone that can get a good attorney to craft a convincing story. This couldn’t be further from the truth due to the preponderance of the evidence that is needed to prove that you were indeed injured, and that the defendant’s actions were the proximate cause of your injuries. Personal injury lawsuits can therefore be hard to prove, and getting a certain settlement amount can be an uphill battle if you hire the wrong legal representation. That said, it is possible to win an injury claim as well as get maximum compensation if you follow the steps outlined in this post.

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How Do I Maximize My Personal Injury Payout?

Call 911 and Request for an Ambulance

Individuals who are injured think of heading to the hospital the first thing as their lives may be in danger due to many variables that are unknown. You want to make sure to call 911 so they can send EMS your way so you can be rushed to the hospital. This will not only help protect your life, but it will also document the fact that an accident did indeed happen and that you suffered injuries.

Documentation is Key

A lot of injured victims rely on the authorities to jot down all the particulars of the accident. However, what most people don’t know is that these police reports tend to be inaccurate and may hurt your chances of filing a claim. If you’re able to do so, write down the name and address and telephone number of the would-be defendant, ask witnesses to write down a short account of what happened, and make sure to have these papers signed by the witnesses. Doing so will add a layer of legitimacy to your case.

Don’t Speak With the Insurance Company

You may be disoriented or shell-shocked minutes after an accident. However, this shouldn’t be a reason to provide an oral or written statement to an insurance company representative who feigns fake sympathy in order to make you keep talking so they can later use your words against you in order to deny you legal compensation.

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