Multiple Car Accidents, On A Rainy Chicago Wednesday

Wednesday November 6th, 2013 was host to multiple car accidents during the morning commute in and around Chicago, IL.

One car accident that occurred near 85th street on Chicago’s Dan Ryan Expressway was extremely serious, leaving three adults and one child in serious to critical condition.  Unfortunately, one of the injured adults, a woman in her 30s passed away shortly after arriving at Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital from injuries sustained during the car accident.

Other car accidents have been reported throughout the day but luckily no other tragic accidents have been reported.  With the continuous rainfall today please be extra cautious driving home tonight.  Car accidents are the most common type of accidents in the United States.  On inclement weather days the risks of an accident increases greatly.  Be cautious of areas that may be slippery or of low-lying areas where pools of water may start collecting.

Please check back later for more information regarding this car accident and other automobile accidents that occurred in and around Chicago, IL.