Senior Citizen Drivers

Many senior citizens strongly desire to maintain their independence. But because many parts of the country do not have access to public transportation, this means many senior citizens continue to drive, even when they may pose a safety risk to themselves and others. After all, the rate of auto accidents climbs steeply after the driver turns 65, and even more drastically after the driver turns 80.

However, steps can be taken to maintain both the independence of our senior citizens and the safety of the community. In some parts of the country senior citizens can become members of transportation networks that offer door-to-door service. Also, some insurance companies like AAA and AARP offer educational courses to help senior citizens safely operate their vehicles, often with the benefit of lowered insurance rates.

But should accidents happen, it is important that a senior citizen have a competent auto accident attorney. McCready Law can help you after an auto accident. Call us today at (773) 779-9885 for a free consultation.