The Importance of Windshields

One key safety feature of your car that you’ve probably not thought much about – in fact, you probably look right through it! – is your windshield. Of course windshields act as their names suggest, shielding you from the wind, elements, and flying roadway debris.

But they also perform the important task strengthening the structure of your car so it is less likely to be crushed in a rollover. They also keep you in the car when you would have been ejected otherwise.

Windshields today are usually glass laminated with pieces of plastic to hold the windshield together if it is broken. It is important to take replace your windshield when it gets a crack or divot. This will make sure your windshield is strong in case of an accident.

However, windshields with factory defects can sometimes shatter through no fault of the car own, sending shards of glass through the air, cutting and injuring passengers.

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