At McCready Law, we know how hard our teachers work to shape the lives of students in our community and all across our nation. Yet, teachers often don’t get the appreciation they deserve for their work, let alone the time, money and effort they put into ensuring that their classrooms are equipped with the supplies and resources they need for a successful school year. In fact, every year teachers have to spend hundreds of dollars of their own money on supplies for their classrooms, most of which they do not get reimbursed for.  

That is why this year, we asked for YOU to help us recognize some of the incredible teachers in our community in our Help a Teacher Gift Card Giveaway. We’ve awarded eight local teachers with $100 gift cards to be used towards expenses related to school supplies for their classrooms. We want to make sure that not only our teachers, but also students in our community have everything they need to succeed in the classroom. 

The nomination deadline for this giveaway has passed. Visit our winners’ page for more information about these wonderful individuals!

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