Medical providers must deliver care and treatment under a specific set of standards that are uniform across the field. When a doctor, nurse, or other provider does not follow these guidelines, and a patient suffers injuries, becomes more ill, or dies, a court could find them liable for medical malpractice.

If you have experienced an error in treatment, misdiagnoses, diagnostic errors, or other forms of medical negligence, you could be eligible to receive compensation for your losses. These claims can often be challenging for an individual to take on by themselves, but a committed personal injury attorney could help guide you through the process. Call an experienced Orland Park medical malpractice lawyer today to schedule a meeting to find out more about your rights as a patient.

Establishing Medical Malpractice to the Court

Simply proving that a doctor or other medical care provider makes an error is not enough to establish medical malpractice. Specific elements must be present to show the provider was negligent.

The Medical Provider Treated the Patient

The evidence must show that the certified medical care provider treated the injured party. This can be proven with medical records and statements.

The Provider Strayed from the Standard of Care

The claim must show that the treating provider did not render the patient the standard of care compared to other medical professionals within the same or similar fields. A knowledgeable medical negligence attorney in Orland Park could interview and collect statements from other licensed providers to help establish this.

Divergence from the Standard was the Direct Cause of the Injuries

It must be established that the divergence from the standard of care was the direct cause of injuries the individual sustained. Medical records and other documentation they have regarding the damages could establish this element.

Verifiable Damages from Medical Malpractice Injuries

If the injured party does not suffer verifiable losses and damages, they are not eligible to collect compensation. Medical bills and financial records are good examples of documented proof of financial loss.

Medical Malpractice Damages

If an Orland Park medical malpractice attorney is successful in establishing negligence in civil court, there is a wide range of damages the injured party could recover.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are compensatory amounts intended to cover financial losses often related to medical expenses. Current and future medical care and follow-up treatments, surgeries, medical equipment, and rehabilitation are a few examples. Economic damages could also include loss of pay from being out of work and future earning potential.

Non-Economic Damages

Medical malpractice plaintiffs can also be eligible to collect compensation for subjective and non-monetary losses known as non-economic damages. These can include psychological trauma, mental pain and anguish, and losing the enjoyment of life. The laws entitle the injured party to recover the compensation necessary to return them to the financial position before the cause of action.

Meet With an Orland Park Medical Malpractice Attorney

When you visit a medical professional, it is usually with the hope of getting better, not worse. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries or wrongful death from a negligent provider, you deserve committed legal representation. Compensation could provide the ability to seek appropriate care, cover medical expenses, or help pay the bills while you are out of work.

For compassionate legal counsel you can trust, enlist the services of an Orland Park medical malpractice lawyer today.